Bathroom Planning five things to consider

When you’re planning your bathroom, here are some things often overlooked you should consider :


1. Check whether it will work: not everything will
Unless you are confident, do not purchase any goods for the bathroom until you have run them past a professional. Not everything you like will necessarily fit and re-handling charges can be very expensive.

2. Water (usually) has to run downhill
Unless you are happy to have a waste water pump, which can be noisy and unsightly, water must run down hill. Think about where your waste pipes will need to exit the room when planning the layout of your bathroom. Though we do an excellent job… we cannot change the laws of physics!

3. Do you have high or low pressure?
Many modern taps now require high water pressure to operate. If you have a combination boiler or mains fed hot and cold services, you are likely to have high pressure. If your bathroom is fed from a tank in the loft, it is likely your pressure is low. A pump can resolve this, but discuss the pros and cons first.

4. Think about bathroom furniture
Though not cheap, gives a room often needed storage space to hide all of those products. It also hides unsightly pipes! A back to the wall WC with concealed cistern not only looks great, but makes for easy cleaning around the toilet.

5. Natural stone vs ceramic tiles
Natural stone, marble and travertine tiles etc. look fantastic and is the current trend being pushed by tile suppliers. However do remember it is both more time consuming and costs more to work with than ceramic. Also by its very nature it is imperfect. It requires maintenance too. If you want a tile that dosn’t vary in colour and texture, buy ceramic.

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